Driver ditches vehicle


Queenstown police are attempting to trace a driver who abandoned a car after crashing into a ditch. 

Officers found the green Subaru Legacy rolled on the side of Lower Shotover Road on Tuesday night. 

“The vehicle appears to have lost control on a 65km advisory corner, hit the bank and rolled,” senior constable Chris Blackford says. 

“The driver is unknown because he or she took off before police arrived.” 

Drivers involved in such single vehicle crashes are not required to stay with their vehicle or report the incident immediately to police. 

Check out my genitals 

A Winton man was charged with offensive behaviour after allegedly exposing his genitals to the public. 

“He was arrested in relation to waving his genitalia at passers-by,” Blackford says – the man was stopped on Camp St at 1.50am on Wednesday. 

Student gets off drink-driving 

A student has got off drink-driving in Queenstown because of “quite exceptional” circumstances. 

Dunedin’s Austin Chambers, 19, failed a breath-test on May 4 in a broken-down car being pushed by associates. 

The court heard a sober driver had gone to get food when Chambers got into the driver’s seat. The keys weren’t in the ignition and the motor was off.