Driver bails before truck breaks ice


A truck driver bailed from his cab early today (Wednesday) before it went nose-first into an icy pond at Arrowtown’s Millbrook Resort. 

A spokesman for Bidvest Foodservice says his “experienced” Queenstown driver was driving into the luxury resort on his delivery round. 

“One of the wheels at the rear started slipping, the momentum pulled the rear end of the truck onto the main path where it was a bit icy and it just spun the truck a couple of times. 

“[The driver] saw he was headed for the drink and he was a little bit concerned about what angle the vehicle would go in so he took the decision to bail before it hit the water.” 

The Bidvest spokesman says about 30 to 40 centimetres of water entered the cab, and the front of the truck was also dented a bit by the ice. 

“When the driver bailed [the truck] stalled, and as a result when it hit the drink it didn’t ingest too much water.
“I can’t fault the driver, he’s done everything by the book.” 

The slightly shaken driver was taken home and after a warm shower was back on the road in another truck. 

Meanwhile a Jones Contracting Queenstown digger lifted the Mitsubishi truck from the icy pond, and its undamaged goods were offloaded onto another Bidvest truck.