Drinks surge overwhelms winery


A Queenstown winery boss believes hour-long booze queues for Sunday’s Fat Freddy’s Drop gig weren’t ideal but didn’t detract from the “lovely concert”.

Peregrine Winery’s drink stations were besieged by a sell-out crowd of 3500.

Some took to social media to vent their displeasure.

Peregrine co-owner Lindsay McLachlan says the surge was far greater than they’d expected.

“We didn’t have sufficient outlets for the number of people that came at one time.

“With it being extremely hot, they arrived later than we expected and therefore that created that concentration which we would much prefer to have avoided.”

McLachlan says they calculated the number of stations based on a proportion of those used for larger Fat Freddy’s Drop concerts in Wellington. He says they’ll learn from this should they put on another concert.

“The music, the night, the vibe and the setting is fantastic for concerts, and we’ll do them, but it’s not our core business.”

McLachlan says the best suggestion from a debrief was to have an exit lane for patrons rather than having them push back through the line.

“The selling of the wine was probably the only negative that came out.

“While it’s undesirable, it didn’t seem to be the feature of the night, to me.

“The band said this was a terrific venue for them, and they were determined to ensure, for the last concert of their tour, that the crowd got a fantastic experience, and they definitely delivered that.”

A former international rugby referee, McLachlan says while the lengthy queues were undesirable, patrons didn’t get aggressive.

“I didn’t have to part two forward packs, or anything.”