Drink driving ‘wake-up call’


An Arrowtown man with a serious drinking problem got a “wake-up call” when he was caught driving in the township with a breath-alcohol level more than five times the legal limit last month.

It was the second conviction for Kirk Malyon Dyson,44, salesman, when he appeared in Queenstown’s court on Monday.

Dyson blew a whopping 1366mcg when he was stopped in Norfolk St on November 21.

Duty solicitor Liam Collins said the defendant’s liver function was so poor it did not process alcohol properly, which may have contributed to such a high level.

The incident had prompted Dyson to take steps to deal with his alcoholism, including undergoing detox and attending the Salvation Army’s Bridge programme.

He would move back to his mother’s home in Auckland.

Judge Bernadette Farnan sentenced him to nine months’ supervision, during which he must undergo an alcohol and drug programme.

He was disqualified for 12 months.

Other drink-drivers

Nicholas Alcock, 29, of Queenstown, refused to give blood specimen, December 1, fined $700, disqualified six months.

James Christopher Fay, 32, labourer, of Fernhill, drink-driving, 924mcg, Beach St, October 20, fined $1100, disqualified eight months. He is not eligible for alcohol interlock provisions because he does not hold a New Zealand driver licence.

Vicki Loach,23, waitress, of Queensberry, drink-driving, 529mcg, Brownston St, Wanaka, fined $600, disqualified six months.

Kyle Matthew Jackson,23, builder, of Queenstown, drink-driving, 883mcg, Sawmill Rd, fined $1000, disqualified for 28 days, with alcohol interlock and zero-alcohol licence provisions to follow.

Luke Gerard Burgess,32, plumber, of Jacks Point, drink-driving, 558mcg, December 1, fined $650, disqualified six months.

Nikhil Sharma,30, of Frankton, drink-driving, 536mcg, Camp St, November 27, fined $600, disqualified six months.

Liam Christopher Anderson,27, of Wanaka, careless driving, Lake Hawea-Albert Town Rd, October 24, convicted and discharged, ordered to pay $500 reparation and other expenses of $240; drink-driving, 93mg, Lake Hawea-Albert Town Rd, October 24, 120 hours’ community work, disqualified seven months, and ordered to pay medical expenses of $156.99.

Claire Louise Murray,18, of Queenstown, drink-driving, 941mcg, Frankton St, November 24, fined $1200, disqualified eight months. Does not qualify for an alcohol interlock device because she does not hold a New Zealand driver licence.

Ashton Philip Oliver,30, landscaper, of Sunshine Bay, drink-driving, 145mg, Fernhill Rd, November 3, six months’ supervision to enable counselling for drug and alcohol issues, disqualified seven months; dangerous driving, Fernhill Rd, November 3, disqualified six months (concurrent), ordered to pay reparation of $2785.85.