Drink-driving discharges



A Dunedin nursing student was one of two women who escaped convictions for drink-driving after appearing before Community Magistrate Simon Heale in Queenstown’s court.

Isabelle Anne Bradley, 19, admitted drink-driving in Sydney Street on June 28 with a
breath-alcohol level of 479mcg.

Bradley offered to move a mate’s car, but nudged another vehicle in the process and cops were called by a member of the public.

Lawyer Kirsty Allan said Bradley had no previous convictions, and was ‘‘absolutely devastated’’ about her ‘‘spontaneous, silly decision’’ to drive.

A conviction could jeopardise her ability to secure nursing work once she graduates next year and have consequences for her ability to find work overseas.

Heale granted the discharge, but ordered Bradley to make a $350 charitable donation, and
disqualified her for six months.

Heale also discharged Karelia Gonzalez Luiz, 49, quality and assets manager, of Arthurs Point.

She admitted driving with a breath alcohol level of 584mcg in Stanley St on June 14.

She was shifting her car to avoid a fine, when she was pulled over by police about 2am.

Her lawyer, Louise Denton, said a conviction would prohibit the full-time worker and single
parent applying for citizenship for three years.

While unlikely, it could have also made her immediately liable for deportation.

Heale ordered her to make a $400 charitable donation, and disqualified her for six months.