Drink-drivers banned from the roads


A cleaner has admitted driving his work van just four days after being banned from the roads for drink driving.
Daniel Longshaw, 26, was caught by police on Park Street last Thursday shortly before 1pm.
He initially stated he was not disqualified but later admitted it to police and pleaded guilty when he appeared in Queenstown District Court on Monday.
Longshaw, now of Fernhill Road, had not seen a lawyer when he entered the dock.
Judge Michael Turner says: “You understand the maximum penalty for this is two years in prison?
“You appeared in this court only a few weeks ago and that is when you were disqualified and four days later you were driving.
“Obviously the sentence of community work has very little effect. “

The case was adjourned while pre-sentence reports were compiled focusing on home detention and a community work.
“Prison will not be ruled out as an option,” Judge Turner says.
“Are you seeking bail? What bail conditions do you suggest are imposed?”

The defendant shrugged his shoulders and did not reply.
Longshaw, originally of Makinnon Terrace, was granted bailed with conditions, including that he does not drive.

He will be sentenced on February 22. 

Boozed behind wheel after fight with sober driver

A TYRE fitter who drove home after being assaulted by the friend of his designated driver has been disqualified.
Kieran Robson, of Peninsula Road, Kelvin Heights, blew 625 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath when stopped by officers on Frankton Road on Sunday. The legal limit is 400.
Lawyer Sonia Vidal, representing Robson, says: “As with many of these cases there is a slight background story.
“He had taken the step of having a sober driver come into town. His friend unfortunately assaulted this man and there was a parting of ways.”
Robson who admitted drinking six bourbon and cokes, waited three hours and consumed a meal before driving home. But he was still over the limit.
Judge Michael Turner says: “You were substantially over; more than 50 per cent.”
Robson was fined $450 and costs, and banned for six months. 

Indefinite driving ban dished out
APPRENTICE butcher Lukas Southey was banned from the roads indefinitely after pleading guilty to drink driving.
The 21-year-old, of Queenstown, blew 665 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath when stopped by officers shortly after midnight on Sunday two weeks ago.
Southey, who has prior driving matters dating back to 2009, was sentenced to six months’ supervision and 100 hours’ community work.

He must be reassessed at a driving test centre before applying for a new licence.