Drama collective inspired by Kate


Revered Queenstown drama teacher Kate Moetaua, who died last November, is being honoured in the name of a new drama collective.

Kate Moetaua Drama Collective has been set up by her long-time friend Jane Hughes.

As Moetaua got busier as Wakatipu High’s head of drama, her original drama school was taken over by Lisa Moore, under the name Drama Queenstown.

Hughes, who ran the former Wakatipu Swim School for 22 years, says Moetaua was “really gutted” when she found out last year that Moore was leaving town.

“I looked at her and said, ‘this is maybe a crazy idea, but if I can run a swim school I can probably run a drama school?’

“She said, ‘absolutely you can, and I’ll be right there beside you’.”

Hughes, the group’s administrator, says she’s not a drama teacher herself, “but we’ve got a collective of very high-calibre teachers who’ve come together under the umbrella, providing their own ideas and formats”.

Classes, covering a broad range of the performing arts like musical theatre, storytelling, Shakespeare and creative writing, start in 10-week blocks this coming Monday at Frankton’s St Margaret’s Church hall.

“Finding a venue has been a real challenge.”

Hughes says over the course of the year she’s hoping to organise events and specialist workshops, culminating in an end-of-year performance.

“We’d like to get up to 100 students if we could.”