DQ spends $60k on rainbow mountains


What does almost $60,000 and two years’ research get you? Destination Queenstown’s new branding.

The marketing body’s new logo was unveiled publicly for the first time yesterday.

It represents the “heartbeat” of Queenstown with colours representing dominant seasons. DQ also has a new tagline, “Feel the inspiration”.

Yesterday’s launch was paired with a volley of marketing speak.

DQ says in a statement that research began in late 2013 to review our ”brand health, reputation and position”.

It goes on: “This included assessing the motivations and needs of Queenstown’s visitor market to ensure the Queenstown brand aligned and represented the positive tangible and emotive values associated with Queenstown”.

We think that means they asked people why they come here.

That research was then “distilled down to four main brand pillars which are the foundation of the brand”, the statement says. They are “escape, “energy”, “majestic” and “openness”.

DQ boss Graham Budd says a few people have seen the new branding and while the feedback was a bit mixed “nobody hates it at all”.

The first showing of the logo in the Scene office prompted a few raised eyebrows – had we stepped back to the 1980s, some unkind soul asked.

But, Feast Creative owner Scott Conway says there’s more to it than 10 jagged multi-coloured lines.

Queenstown’s well-known for its mountains, so that’s where the Feast team began.

But then they hooked on to the “energy” aspect of DQ’s new branding – inspired by the look on peoples’ faces when they first touch down in Queenstown. Further inspiration was drawn from the picture of a heartbeat.

After playing with that concept – manipulating, stylising, fine-tuning and, eventually, settling on the colour scheme – the end result is something completely different that pushes the boundaries, Conway says.

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