Doughnutting dimwits rip up Rec Ground


Vandalism at a Queenstown rugby ground has its club seeing red – and firing shots at the council.

Long stretches of tyre marks were visible across the Queenstown Recreation Ground this week, cutting deep into the muddy turf.

Council signs said it was out of action until further notice.

It’s safe to say Wakatipu Rugby Club committee member Damien O’Connell isn’t impressed.

“To be honest, I’m pissed off.

“It’s pretty frustrating that someone would do something so stupid. Especially when you ask for something to be done so this can’t happen, and it doesn’t get done.”

Luckily the club isn’t playing there this weekend, he says.

But if they were, or if the ground wasn’t up to scratch for their next game, they’d have to move out to the Events Centre.

“We’ve seen it happen before, but not as bad,” O’Connell says of the damage.

There are no security cameras down at the ground, and he says that’s something either the club or the council needs to look at.

Police have been told, he confirms.

Council comms advisor Rebecca Pitts says the council was really disappointed to see the damage.

“There’s minor work required to reinstate the turf and this will be done as soon as weather conditions allow.

“Usually bollards prevent vehicle access. Unfortunately on this occasion one of the bollards was faulty and left down.”

That was being fixed on Tuesday.

“We haven’t considered installing security cameras in this area,” Pitts says.