Double trouble drunk


An Irishman based in Australia was slapped with two assault charges after losing the plot in the wee small hours of last Friday. 

The 26-year-old is said to have attacked a Queenstown good samaritan after the local man tried to stop the boozed-up, alleged offender from bashing his own girlfriend. 

“It is thought the Irish guy was arguing with his partner and pushed her to the ground,” senior constable Sean Drader says. 

“When a local man tried to intervene it is said he was punched in the nose and also received a cut eye.” 

The alleged offender was charged with assulting his partner and also the passer-by. 

More boozed yobs

Two 19-year-old men, from Australia and New Zealand, were collared for allegedly kicking in the window of a Queenstown business on Tuesday. 

The pair were arrested in Athol Street at 2.20am and charged with causing intentional damage. 

At 2am last Sunday, two Englishmen were given pre-charge warnings after being caught fighting outside Base backpackers. 

The same night, a 23-year-old unemployed local carpenter was charged with breaching the liquor ban when he refused to quit boozing in Brecon St after being spoken to by cops. 

“The idea was that he was being asked to stop drinking, not keep going, but apparently he couldn’t quite grasp that simple concept,” Drader comments. 

Roll out the barrel

A boozed-up Aucklander, 24, was full of apologies after being caught trying to nick a beer keg that was left outside a downtown hotel at 3am last Thursday. 

“He was given a pre-charge warning for theft after officers spotted him rolling the thing down the street,” Drader says. “The keg was empty anyway and the guy was pretty embarrassed by his own behaviour.”