Dotcom’s move fulfils a Queenstown promise

Lake Hayes stay: Kim Dotcom with then wife Mona in 2013 with kids, from left, Kobi, Kylee, Kimmo and Keera

Colourful internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom’s tweet about moving to Queenstown honours a commitment he made to Mountain Scene.

“Thanks to a Hong Kong Judge my family can move to Queenstown and my kids will be surrounded by beautiful mountains & lakes instead of spies,” he tweeted on Tuesday night.

He’s referring to the Hong Kong High Court releasing some of his funds and possessions – and alleged spying by New Zealand intelligence agency Government Communications Security Bureau.

Dotcom’s fortune had been frozen in Hong Kong on the instruction of the United States government, which has tried to extradite him to face copyright infringement charges.

During a family holiday four years ago, Auckland-based Dotcom raved about Queenstown in an exclusive interview with the Scene.

He praised the resort’s clarity of light, restaurants and “super-friendly”, positive locals, and said he was keen to buy property.

“Right now the US government is sitting on all my assets so that wouldn’t be possible.

“But at some point down the road I hope it will be, and once we’re able to do it we’ll get something down here.”

Dotcom, who created the Internet Party to fight the 2014 election, was, however, critical of Queenstown’s internet access – “every single person I talk to about it, it’s a disgrace”.

Two days into his family’s stay at a Lake Hayes pad, which he spent $24,000-plus to rent, he got tradesmen in to upgrade connections so he could use his phones and laptops.