Don’t toy with me, Queenstown I want my Reggie back


A Melbourne plumber is offering a $300 reward for a well-travelled stuffed toy swiped from a Queenstown bar.

Ben Pearce, 27, says his Rastafarian-looking toy, Reggie Wild, was nicked from Winnies during a moment’s inattention near closing time on Friday morning. 

Pearce and a mate, who bought Reggie from a vending machine about three years ago, have lugged him round about a dozen countries including him in their tourist snaps along the way – two months ago he was in Times Square, New York. 

“I thought we’d lose him in Bali, but instead it’s happened in Queenstown where I least expected it,” Pearce says.

Pearce, who’s travelling to Dunedin this afternoon before home on Sunday, says he’ll pay $300 for Reggie’s return. 

He can be contacted via Reggie Wild’s Facebook page or by email, at