Don’t dive on in, call us – police


Queenstown police are warning revellers not to risk their own safety by jumping into volatile situations in the early hours. 

Officers released CCTV images yesterday of a man (below) accused of assaulting another outside the Camp Street Night ‘n’ Day. 

The victim claimed he was attacked after telling off the man for urinating in public. 

Shop CCTV footage shows the man wearing a brown hoody repeatedly punching him and kicking him while he’s on the ground. 

Sergeant Blair Duffy says: “Our advice is don’t intervene. 

“If you have an issue with someone in the early hours doing something they shouldn’t, then call the police. 

“Often the people wanting to intervene will be intoxicated themselves, a bit braver but not nearly as diplomatic as they would be when sober.” 

Duffy says people who step in often become victims or alternatively end up charged with offences themselves. 

The alleged assault occurred at 3.10am on Saturday, March 23. 

The victim sustained bruising to the head and arm and a small cut on his arm. 

“We’d like the man pictured to come forward and give us his side of the story,” Duffy says. 

A video of the aftermath of the incident has been posted on Queenstown police’s Facebook page. 

Meanwhile, Duffy says restricted licensing hours over Easter Weekend led to a relatively peaceful weekend. 

“Certainly the early closing hours have a massive effect. 

“You hear it bandied about that kicking out everyone at midnight will cause problems on the streets and at taxi ranks – but there’s a significant difference between 12am drinking and 4am drinking. 

“People tend to be more patient and don’t get all upset about minor things as they would do at 4am.” 

Frankton drugs bust 

Police seized seven ounces of cannabis after a raid on two caravans in Frankton. Officers executed two separate warrants at adjacent addresses in Frankton on Monday. Two Queenstown men were arrested. 

A 34-year-old man was charged with selling cannabis and possession with intent to supply. 

A 45-year-old man was charged with possession with intent to supply cannabis. 

The 199 grams of the plant seized had been separated into $50 and $100 bags for dealing, officers allege. 

Both men are due to appear in Queenstown District Court on Monday. 

Crime down in police district 

Police statistics for 2012 show total recorded crime fell 2.4 per cent in Otago Rural – the area covering Queenstown Lakes, Central Otago and Waitaki. 

The total number of offences was 4786, down from 4902 in 2011. 

“These figures continue to build on the significant crime reductions made over the past three years across Otago Rural,” relieving area commander inspector Alastair Dickie says. 

“They reflect the effort of our staff in conjunction with our communities and partner agencies in working hard to prevent and reduce crime in our communities.” 

Burglary and related dishonesty offending saw an 11.9 per cent decrease with 304 offences in 2012, down from 345. 

Property damaged dropped by 6.6 per cent and acts intended to cause injury decreased by 3.4 per cent. 

The force does not provide a Queenstown-specific breakdown.