Since Billie: Jimmy Britnell and Holly Keeling play Pub on Wharf on Saturday

Wannabe singer Holly Keeling put an ad on social media to find herself a musical plus one.
She wanted to start a band and gig around Queenstown pubs and was looking for a guitarist.
Fellow Brit Jimmy Britnell replied and the pair have been playing the local music scene since January.
On the day Britnell met Keeling he found a lost dog named Billie — the pooch was returned to her owner 24 hours later, but the pair took some inspiration from the K9 when they came up with the name of their duo, Since Billie.
Both are working full-time and fit in practice sessions between gigs.
He’d performed at a couple of open mic nights and jammed with mates.
She, despite unsuccessfully auditioning for The X Factor UK once, hadn’t really sung much in public.
“I was always too nervous. I didn’t really have the confidence to sing before I came here — but somehow now it feels different.”
Keeling rocked up in July last year after a stint in Oz and Britnell has been in town for two years.
They already have a couple of regular gigs at World Bar, Pub on Wharf and The Ballarat Trading Co.
Britnell: “Once we get our name out there then hopefully we will get more gigs. But usually on average it is about two per week at this stage.”
They only play covers but that may change in time.
Britnell has one-and-a-half songs in his original library but isn’t ready to play them in public just yet.
Asked what the finished one is about; “love shit … like any other song”, he laughs.
Favourites on the play list include Ed Sheeran, Passenger and Ben Howard.
They’re also “ridiculously” obsessed with Adele, who they saw in Auckland earlier this year, and cover a few of her tracks.
Their sessions are very much acoustic-based, more mellow at the start of the night, but getting a bit faster as the night progresses — and when punters have had a few more pints.
Keeling reckons her taste in music is a bit weird.
Her dad’s a rocker and likes AC/DC while her mum is a big Motown fan.
Britnell likes anything involving a guitar.
He started playing at 13 and is now grateful his mum stumped up for music lessons.
They’re pretty stoked with their intro to the music scene and continually try to add to their play list as soon as a new pop album is released.– LOUISE SCOTT