Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?



The latest Band Aid song would be very apt for Queenstown’s council.

I don’t mean the political message behind the Bob Geldof hit – rather someone’s forgotten to tell them it’s Christmas.

Let me start by saying, I LOVE Christmas. As in, it is my favourite time of year.

This certainly isn’t going to be a whinge about the festive season.

I am the kind of person who buys presents in November, puts up my Christmas tree on December 1, wears Christmas jumpers just because and makes the most of drinking as much mulled wine as possible during the festive season.

Yes, Christmas was a very big event in the Scott household when I was growing up!

This year, however, I’ve been particularly disappointed with the council’s Christmas decoration efforts.

There’s barely a fairy light in sight.

Coming from the United Kingdom, the Christmas light switch-on is an established event in most small towns and villages across the region.

It’s usually accompanied by a bit of a shindig: live music, Santa parading into town, face-painting for the kiddies and, of course, the countdown to the official ‘switch-on’ of the Christmas tree lights.

This year in my home town of Omagh, Northern Ireland, 7000 people turned up for the party.

My frustration is probably due to the fact it’s my first Queens-town Christmas or the idea of Christmas in the sun – which is going to take some getting used to.

But given the fact this district welcomes thousands of tourists to the area, shouldn’t the council put in a wee bit of effort and make the town centre look like a Christmas wonderland?

I am not suggesting they deck every corner with tinsel, have trees on every street or get Rudolph to make an appearance.

But, one tree in the middle of town and a couple of bells strung round a lamppost on Shotover Street – is that really the best they can do?

They could use it as a marketing campaign to showcase what Queenstown has.

Invite local musicians to create a Christmas atmosphere that is bound to get everyone in the festive mood and reaching for a mince pie.

I do recognise there’s a counter argument. Many of you will be shaking your heads arguing the council shouldn’t be wasting valuable ratepayer dollars on fixtures and fittings for a few weeks of the year.

But this is Christmas, guys – one of the biggest celebrations around the world, despite your religious beliefs.

Does the council not have some obligation to ensure Queenstown looks the part for those who visit during the Christmas period – or for those of us who are staying to celebrate here?

Left uninspired by their efforts I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.

I sourced my local Christmas tree, which is totally blinged-up with sparkling blue lights and baubles – albeit lopsided!

It was the first time I felt that warm Christmassy glow – and I hadn’t even had any mulled wine.

So in keeping with the council’s theme, I will pinch words from my favourite Christmas tune, ‘Happy Christmas your arse’ to you all.