Do not approach fugitive – police


Police have issued a new mug shot of an ex-prisoner who has breached his release conditions. 

Tony Ashley Gorrie (right), 42, was released from Invercargill Prison three weeks ago after serving four months. He had been convicted of stealing from backpacker hostels, evading police and other offences. 

Police say he should not be approached. 

The new photo (below) shows one of Gorrie’s distinctive tattoos. He has a number on his arms, neck and torso, including the British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph in big letters across his chest, below three skulls. 

Senior constable Sean Drader says: “He is still missing and it is entirely possible he could come back this way.” 

Police believe he was in Queenstown last week. 

Gorrie served half of an eight-month sentence for stealing a wallet, driver’s licence, $400 cash, passport and firearms licences – and for being unlawfully in a building in Queens­town last May. 

“There was a burglary at Black Sheep Backpackers last Thursday,” Drader says. 

“A person matching his description was seen coming out of a room with a backpack. 

“Two witnesses saw the offender get into a car. The number plate had been stolen from Cromwell. It was chased in Timaru but that was called off because the driver was not going to stop.” 

Gorrie has previously faced fraud and theft charges and has evaded police for breaching prison release conditions in 2008 and May 2011. 

Five officers armed with tazers surrounded one man who matched Gorrie’s description at a Dunedin lodge recently, but it turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. 

Gorrie, who is about 185cm tall, was last seen wearing a grey top and a white beanie. 

If spotted people should call 111. 

Tie your kangaroo down, mate 

An Australian man no doubt woke up with that dreadful ‘Oh my god, what have I done’ feeling on Monday. 

The 32-year-old was arrested after allegedly stripping naked and running around the Earnslaw in full view of staff and patrons at the Lasseters Wharf Casino. 

The man, who is unemployed and lives in Queenstown, has been charged with obscene exposure and unlawfully getting onto a vessel. 

Drader says: “He was allegedly observed running around the decks, climbing onto the roof and jumping into the lake. 

“He then swam to the shore and paraded himself in front of bar patrons around Earnslaw Park.” 

Police arrested the man at 1.30am on Monday. 

Frenchman piddling by police 

A Frenchman was allegedly caught urinating on a car directly outside Queens­town Police Station on Tuesday. 

The 24-year-old tourist was stopped by officers at 4.30am who described his attitude as belligerent and extremely unremorseful. 

He had earlier been spoken to by officers in The Mall. 

Drader says: “As he passed outside the police station, he allegedly urinated on the back of a car. 

“You pick your time and place, or perhaps not.” 

He was arrested for alleged offensive behaviour. 

American ‘simply stuffs up’ 

An American tourist was arrested after being caught in someone else’s car. 

The 28-year-old, from Illinois, was seen in the passenger seat of a Toyota Estima on Beach Street. A business owner had left the vehicle, with its engine running, while he made a delivery at 2am on Saturday. 

Drader says: “Officers drove past the car and saw him duck his head down in an attempt to avoid detection, which of course made them look at him. 

“The owner ran over and yelled at him. He exited and tried to run away.” 

The American gave no explanation and was charged with unlawfully getting into a motor vehicle. He was moderately drunk. 

“He said he had simply stuffed up.”