DJ’s US breakthrough


A Queenstown DJ has joined international artists on a newly-released digital album in the United States. 

Tim Sargeant, who DJs at Debajo and The Bunker, has had his track Progressive Breaks signed on by new progressive house label Epic Electronica. 

“Getting asked to be part of it is a dream come true for a DJ,” Sargeant, 24, says. 

“I’m the young wildcard on it from this side of the world.” 

The coup happened by sheer coincidence. 

“A mate who used to manage a bar in Dunedin I played at took a demo disc of mine to a bar he worked at in the US. 

“As he was cleaning up one night, he stuck the CD on and a DJ there said, ‘what’s that?’” 

Sargeant says the American DJ contacted him by Facebook and eventually helped get his track onto the new album, which will soon be available on both iTunes and 

The Queenstown DJ – who describes his style as “dirty underground electro” – says he recorded Progressive Breaks in his home studio using Logic 9 software. 

As if cracking an American label isn’t exciting enough, Sargeant is also going to be support act for leading English DJ Nick Warren when he performs at Debajo on September 6 at the end of a world tour. 

“To be asked to support him is something you’d think would never happen.” 

Sargeant has been DJing for seven years, basing himself in Queenstown seven months ago. 

His first local gig was at the Peak Festival for the New Years of 2009.