DJ Nomad in big Wanaka drug bust


One of the Wanaka men arrested in a big party drugs bust this week is a well-known DJ hailed recently for charity fundraisers.

DJ Daimon Schwalger – aka The Nomad – helped raise more than $4600 last weekend at a Wanaka DJ and raffle event for survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the Philippines.

Schwalger, 41, was one of eight people arrested in Southern Police’s Operation Viking, which targeted the flow of Class A and B drugs into the Wanaka area.

The popular DJ and music producer, who faces two charges of offering to supply ecstasy, released New Zealand’s first drum and bass album, Movement, in 1998 and won awards for second album Second Selection.

Schwalger, who appeared in Queenstown District Court on Monday, was remanded on bail without plea until December 16.

Daniel Miller, 29, Oscar Jimmy Gold Arlidge, 28, and Campbell Smith, 28, also appeared before Judge David Holderness and were remanded without plea until December 16. 

Miller, a plasterer from Wanaka, faces 28 charges – including two of offering to supply Class A drug LSD, six of offering to sell or supply Class B drug ecstasy (MDMA) and 17 charges for offering to sell Class C drug cannabis.

Miller is also facing one charge of procuring MDMA, one charge of conspiring to sell a Class B drug, and a charge of conspiring to sell a Class C drug.

Miller made no application for bail and was remanded in custody.

Arlidge, of Wanaka, faces seven charges – five of supplying LSD and two of supplying ecstasy. Arlidge was also remanded in custody for two weeks after not making an application for bail.

Smith, listed on his Facebook, as having worked at Treble Cone skifield, was granted bail, subject to a bail address check which was satisfied on Tuesday.

Smith faces three charges after allegedly selling LSD to an undercover cop, separately selling ecstasy to an undercover cop and selling ecstasy to pal.

Judge Holderness says Smith allegedly sold five LSD tabs to an undercover officer on August 31 for $120 and four capsules of ecstasy on September 10 to an officer for $240 – plus allegedly admitted selling two ecstasy capsules to a female for $60 each.

Four others, aged 19 to 49, were arrested and are to appear later in Queenstown District Court.

Police are still trying to locate a number of others after the operation by Otago Rural police and Southern District Organised Crime Squad, which kicked off in July and identified large-scale dealings in LSD and Ecstasy.

Police raided 10 addresses and seized $13,000 in cash, located indoor and outdoor cannabis growing operations, 100s of tabs, and other drugs yet to be analysed.

Detective senior sergeant Malcolm Inglis says: “There is significant evidence these drugs are causing serious harm.
“We know of people who, as a result of taking these kinds of drugs, have suffered serious mental health issues, to the point of wanting to take their own lives.

“These drugs are destined not only for the young people who are working in the ski or adventure sports industries, or participating in the rave scene, they are being used and abused by all social groups across our community. 

“The alleged offenders involved choose to put their big lifestyle first, with no regard for the community harm and the wreckage that these drugs create.”

If you have information, contact Wanaka police on 443 7272 or provide it anonymously to the organisation Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Unlawful firearm
An Arrowtowner who locked himself in a car with a loaded gun after a drunken barny has been sentenced to supervision.

Roofer Jonathon Garth Yeo, 20, pleaded guilty to one charge of unlawful possession of a firearm, when he appeared at Queenstown District Court on Monday.

Police found Yeo locked in his car at 2.30am on November 17.

Sergeant Ian Collin says Yeo had a .22 rifle, 83 rounds of ammunition and 15 shotgun shells. It was loaded and pointed in the direction of Yeo’s own head, Collin told the court.

Yeo has never had a gun licence. He’d had the rifle three years and didn’t know where it came from.

“He’d been drinking with his partner and was excessively intoxicated,” sergeant Collin says.

“They became involved in an argument. His partner took a pair of hairdressing scissors and self-harmed. He became angry and did the same.”

Lawyer Mike Newell says Yeo maintained the rifle was pointed away from him and would’ve taken some more “manipulation” before it could be fired.

Judge Holderness says: “Because of the issues that gave rise to this offence and what was covered by counsel I’m satisfied a term of supervision is appropriate.”

Yeo was sentenced to six months’ supervision.

Driving while banned
A LOCAL driving whilst disqualified for a third time has been sentenced to community detention.

Jaden Morris Fowlds-Kotuhi, 29, admitted driving a work vehicle between Glenda Drive and Queenstown Airport on September 11.

Duty lawyer Mike Newell said Fowlds-Kotuhi had opted to drive a vacuum tanker because he felt unsafe as a passenger, believing the driver did not have enough experience.

But Newell says Fowlds-Kotuhi accepts that “short of saving a life” there was no justification for driving.

Fowlds-Kotuhi was sentenced to three months’ community detention with an 8pm to 6.30am curfew, 90 hours’ community work and was disqualified for a year and a day.

Drink-driver’s triple
A recidivist drink-driver has been sentenced to community detention after being caught a third time.

James Lachlan Law, 22, was almost twice the limit on Cemetery Rd, Queenstown, on October 12.

Law’s breath alcohol reading was 767 micrograms per litre of breath. The legal limit is 400mcg.

Lawyer Sonia Vidal says Law had been self-medicating with alcohol for a mood and anxiety disorder.

Law has now been prescribed medication for the condition and was getting his life together, Vidal says.

“He knows he’s on the brink of a custodial sentence but also knows he’s on the brink of being able to get on top of his problem and get on with life.” 

Judge David Holderness accepted Vidal’s submission and sentenced Law to extensive supervision and community punishment rather than prison.

Law was sentenced to 18 months’ supervision, three months’ community detention with a 7pm to 7am curfew, 130 hours’ community work and disqualified for 13 months.

The disqualification is effectively indefinite as Law must satisfy the director of Land Transport he should be granted a zero-alcohol licence after 13 months. Law’s Mazda car was also confiscated.

Other convictions
Brendan Robert Reid, 30, storeman, Fernhill, assaulted Alexander Skitch on October 31, Earnslaw Park. Lane was fined $550 and ordered to pay reparation of $350.

Frenchman Jeremy Cyril Luc Veyron, 29, of Queenstown, was done for assault on Cow Lane, November 24.

Veyron was fined $550 and ordered to pay $110 reparation to the victim.

Alex Carlos Pedrosa Oliveria, 25, farmer, Queenstown, for driving whilst disqualified on Frankton Rd, November 22. Oliveria was fined $400 and disqualified a further six months.

Frenchman Doniphan Arnaud Xavier Verstaevel, 24, of Frankton, for driving while disqualified. Verstaevel was fined $500 and disqualified for nine months; for drink-driving with 92mgs in blood (legal limit 80), on Stanley Street, November 7, he was fined $500 and disqualified for six months to be served simultaneously.

Seija Lorel Anderson, 26, receptionist of Queenstown, for drink-driving on November 16, 832mcg in breath. It was Anderson’s second offence and she got 110 hours’ community work and was disqualified for nine months.

Adrian David Olson, 21, pizza delivery driver of Sunshine Bay, for drink-driving on Lake Esplanade, November 26, with 681mcg breath. Olson was fined $675 and disqualified for six months. 

Connie Gardner, 22, of Fernhill, for drink driving on Lake Esplanade, October 26, 92ml in blood. Gardner was fined $400 and disqualified six months.

Brendan Patrick Elliot, 22, bar manager of Queenstown, for drink-driving at Goldfield Heights, November 27, 745mcg breath. Elliot was fined $725 and disqualified six months.

Devon Gregory Mathieson, 23, metal moulder of Sarita Place, Cromwell, for fighting in public on Ballarat St, Queenstown, November 29. Mathieson was fined $150.