Disc golf course vandalism


Queenstown police are investigating the theft of three steel baskets from a new Tucker Beach disc golf course.

The Queenstown Disc Golf Club, which reported the theft two weeks ago, had installed the first six baskets since May.

Committee member Chris Dickson says the club’s devastated: “They retail for close to $700 each – for non-profit groups that’s going to take ages and ages to get that money back.” 

Dickson says the club obtained Department of Conservation permission to build the course – a longer alternative to its existing Queenstown Gardens 18-holer – and also consulted neighbours.

“It’s one of the only free activities in town – it’s a shame someone’s gone out of their way to damage it.” 

Committee member Eliott Menzies says whoever stole the baskets would have used a truck and a rope to remove them: “It’s obviously been someone who decided, ‘we don’t like these, I’m going to get rid of them’.”

There’s also been smaller acts of vandalism, Menzies says.

“Like some of the signs being ripped out and obstructions being put around the baskets.

“We’re happy to have the baskets returned, no questions asked,” Menzies adds.

Town centre trouble

A heartbroken Frenchman living in Queenstown was arrested in relation to disorderly behaviour after a break-up.
The 22-year-old, described as “a hopeless drunk” had thrown a beer bottle across the road at Base Backpackers, Shotover Street, at about 1am on Monday.

“He was very drunk and in a bad mood after a separation,” senior constable Chris Blackford says. 

It smashed and Base staff then followed the man to Winnie’s nightclub down The Mall and called police.

The 22-year old is due to appear before a Justice of the Peace in Queenstown on December 10.

Later that morning at about 3am, a 30-year-old Irishman was spoken to by police after a woman complained he had followed her home pestering her.

“She told him in no uncertain terms to go away but he kept pestering her,” Blackford says.

The Irishman was found asleep in the doorway of a Duke Street hostel.

“He didn’t know where he was staying so police checked him into a backpackers. No further action will be taken.”

Day the music died

Police were called to a Frankton home on Monday morning to help Ministry of Justice staff seize an electric organ.

“The occupier, who had unpaid fines, had ordered the MoJ staff off the property and hidden the organ,” Blackford says. 

It was eventually seized shortly before midday with police assistance.