Dinghies destroyed by fire on Queenstown Bay


Two dinghies belonging to Queenstown Paraflights were destroyed by fire early this morning (Friday).

The Smartwave double-skin dinghies, worth $1595 each, were chained to a tree – which also sustained fire damage – by Queenstown Bay’s Horne Creek outlet.

The Queenstown Volunteer Fire Brigade sent an engine to put out the fire at 7.23am and put emergency tape around the remains of the dinghies, one of which was burnt to a crisp.

“We’re just disgusted, really,” says Queenstown Paraflights co-owner Chris Bradley, who’s not sure if insurance will cover the loss.

“We have to buy some new dinghies – there goes our bread money for the next few weeks.”

Bradley believes the blue plastic dinghies smouldered for several hours before igniting.

Asked whom he suspects the arsonists were, Bradley suggests it was “youths who party round here most nights – we’re constantly having equipment damaged”.

“We can’t wait to catch up with them.”

It’s not known whether police are investigating.