Detective work pays off


Queenstown police have been instrumental in apprehending a man behind an unsophisticated nationwide money scam. 

The 54-year-old Hong Kong man is alleged to have stolen $700 from 12 different shops around the country. 

In Queenstown, he allegedly managed to steal $60 from Frankton Subway by conning staff. 

It’s claimed he paid with a $100 note and after being given change, he told staff he had the correct amount of money and asked for the note back. 

He also targeted other Subway outlets, pharmacies, hardware stores and cafes, cops say. 

Local police managed to track him down by sourcing details of his rental car. 

He was arrested in Auckland when he returned the vehicle to the rental company, a Queenstown police spokesman says. 

He is due to appear in Auckland District Court today on a representative theft charge.