Daredevil launches Queenstown Film Fest


Queenstown aviation daredevil Chuck Berry has got the resort’s Adventure Film Festival underway. 

Berry, guest speaker at the opening last night at Reading Cinemas, told the audience he never thought when he started doing parachute jumps in the 1980s that his sport and array of flying toys would take him around the world. 

“But they can and they have.” 

Berry has recently returned from missions in South Korea and China where he base-jumped off the world’s third highest road bridge to the amazement of onlooking local villagers.

Berry, who hails from Christchurch and is New Zealand’s longest-serving Red Bull athlete, spoke before the screening of his latest film and paid tribute to Queenstown. 

“This place is full of people who believe in themselves and have the energy to live their dreams and I take my hat off to everyone who lives their dreams and pushes themselves past the barriers society puts on.” 

Berry told the audience it was amazing and humbling to see so many people he knew come out to see the film, including people he’s done so many fun things with.