Cycle thief legs it with sex toy haul


Queenstown police are looking for an Asian man they believe could be linked to a number of recent crimes – including the theft of sex toys from a Lake Hayes porch. 

The alleged offender, who used to live in the resort, is thought to have moved to Christchurch but was spotted back in the Wakatipu at the time of a handful of unsolved burglaries last month. 

A woman discovered a man fitting his description sleeping in a cupboard at her house in Queenstown’s Robertson Street on June 18. He fled when disturbed. 

The day before, a bicycle went missing from a house near Arrowtown and was recently found close to the scene of two burglaries and a car break-in on the Lake Hayes-Arrowtown Road. 

During one of the Lake Hayes thefts, a small whip, a penis ring and a jar of lubricant are believed to have been stolen from a parcel left at the front door by a courier. 

Some other adult items from the package were later found by a neighbouring gardener. 

Cops now think the incidents could be the work of the same person. 

“We know who the man is and would like to hear from anyone who may know where to locate him,” constable Sean Drader says. 

Pool and gym victims sought 

Cops want to hear from anyone who may have had valuables go missing recently at Alpine Aqualand swimming pool or its associated gym. 

Three Indian men were arrested on Tuesday in relation to a spate of thefts at a resort hotel and it’s believed the alleged offenders may have been involved in a string of similar incidents at the Events Centre. 

Anyone who’s had anything stolen at the pool or gym in recent months should contact detective Lisa Watt at Queenstown police station. 

Steals on wheels 

A 39-year-old Queenstown scaffolder was done for careless driving after his car rolled twice and hit a tree last Sunday. 

The incident happened at 3.40pm on the Kingston Road, near the entrance to the Remarkables skifield road. 

Elsewhere, at about 10pm last Monday a golf cart was nicked from Arrowtown’s upmarket Millbrook Resort. 

The theft happened around the same time as it was reported two cars were seen doing wheel spins on a Millbrook lawn. 

“The golf cart was also used by someone to plow through two small poplar trees,” Drader observes. 

A yellow Billabong ski jacket and a Samsung mobile phone were also pinched from an unlocked car in Malaghan Street overnight last Friday. 

Oh brother 

Two Australian brothers, aged 18 and 20, collared for shoplifting chocolate from the Night ‘n’ Day store in Camp Street, were later found to have other stolen goods on them. 

“When the lads were searched we also discovered a teapot and a salt-shaker that had been taken from World Bar,” Drader says. “They aren’t the sort of items that can be easily hidden.” 

The younger of the men was charged with theft, the other with receiving stolen goods. 


A 25-year-old Irish carpenter living in the resort was arrested for disorderly behaviour at 2.50am last Saturday – after he accused a group of passers-by in Beach St of stealing one of his shoes. 

“The alleged offender said he’d earlier been in a fight with someone else but he then accosted a random group of people and threatened to punch them because he thought they’d taken his shoe,” Drader comments.