Curtains for burglar


Dob-in-a-thief time – plus youth steals from his gran.

If you’ve seen these cur­­tains lately (right), it might be game over for a cheeky burglar.

This picture might look like a snap of a headless ghost but it’s actually a burglar trying to withdraw cash from an ATM at Remarkables Park using a stolen bank card.

The thief – who masked his face by wrapping himself in an old curtain – was captured on CCTV at 4am last Thursday.

Earlier he’d spirited away an Eftpos card, a digital camera and an MP3 player from a house break-in at Frankton Road.

“We’d like to hear from anyone who might know who this character is,” constable Sean Drader of Queens­town police says.

“It certainly wasn’t Casper the Friendly Ghost.” 

Camp St rumpus

Six males were taken to Queens­town police station for questioning in the early hours of last Saturday after a fracas that started in Camp St and which led to two shop windows being cracked.

As a result, a 33-year-old Queenstown male was charged with assault and a 24-year-old Invercargill man was done for disorderly behaviour.

A third man was taken to hospital.

Youth robs his granny

An 18-year-old Queenstown man who allegedly nicked two credit cards from his own grandmother and used them ended up facing seven charges when cops swooped to arrest him.

At his house last Wednesday, they also found evidence he’d allegedly also been growing and using cannabis.

“He was charged with two counts of using a credit card, another two counts of theft and three other offences relating to the cultivation and use of cannabis,” Drader says.

“His gran had reported that someone had used her cards but didn’t know who it was.”

Not above the law

A 20-year-old law student from Australia was arrested for disorderly behaviour just four hours after arriving in the resort.

The visitor was removed from Altitude bar last Wednesday night and became aggressive while trying to get back in – right in front of watching police.

“It was his first overseas trip and one he’d rather forget in a hurry,” Drader comments.

And at 1.45am last Saturday, a 23-year-old Queenstown man was done for an assault – seconds after being spoken to by beat cops in the CBD about a cut above his eye.

“He wouldn’t be of help to the officers and then promptly walked up to another guy and hit him on
the cheek,” Drader says.

Cars in flames

Two cars were deliberately torched in the resort last week.

At 3am last Wednesday, oil was used to set fire to the front seat of a ute in Frankton’s Yewlett Crescent.

At 9.40pm the next night, an old Toyota car was pushed over a bank on the road and set ablaze near the Arthur’s Point Tavern.