Crisis countdown


December 2004:
Mountain Scene first reports Wakatipu’s elderly care crisis with Chesney Esdaile, 90, deported from LDH to a Cromwell resthome. At least eight other elderly are reported to be expelled from Queenstown between 2004-08
May 2007:
Former Queenstown mayoress Lorraine Cooper calls for action after outrage at frail elderly patients being shipped from LDH to resthomes outside the Wakatipu
July 23, 2009:
Mountain Scene reveals Queenstown is short-changed in public health services – $181 per head of Wakatipu population per year compared to Central Otago’s $411. The Wakatipu Health Trust calls for a health service shakeup
July 30:
A Ministry of Health report suggests the DHB sells unwanted “surplus” land to help annual deficits
August 6:
Wakatipu Health Trust alleges SDHB’s running costs on LDH are exaggerated by $800,000-plus per year because of a dubious “rental” charge on land and buildings
August 20:
More than 700 locals rise up against SDHB’s inadequate Wakatipu hospital services via a survey distributed by Wakatipu Health Trust. Numbers eventually totalled 1000-plus
August 27:
Wakatipu Health Trust employs former ODHB planning and funding boss Chris Fraser to undertake a “needs assessment” of services at LDH
October 1:
Chris Fraser’s report reveals glaring gaps in local public healthcare – the elderly care crisis is predicted to worsen, more general medical beds needed, and more mums are leaving town to give birth
October 29:
SDHB’s long-awaited “hospital capacity review” says there are more than enough beds available
March 1, 2010:
SDHB releases a public consultation document detailing plans for a major revamp of health services in Queenstown