Creatives’ reel excitement


Resort creatives are thrilled Queenstown’s host-ing the Australasian premiere of an ad-based film festival this weekend.

“Because we are the centre of so much filmmaking and creativity, what better place than to start it here”, filmmaker, writer and photographer Scott Kennedy says.

Queenstown Rotary Club’s presenting The Night of the AdEaters– at the Memorial Centre this Saturday from 6pm-11pm and on Sunday from 3pm-8pm – as a fundraiser for its charitable trust.

The global event, started in France in 1982, has been seen by about 12 million people in 52 countries.

It highlights the best TV and cinema ads worldwide from the past 50 years.

Fluid studio manager Sophie Kennedy says it’s “a real insight into different cultures around the world, over the years”.

“They’ve got such a short lifespan but there’s some really classic ads out there that are clever, funny and sad.”

Having worked in the industry in the United Kingdom for about 15 years, Fluid creative director Bex Coutts says “you see how much time, money and energy is put into some pretty blockbuster ads”.

“When you work in an agency creating these awesome little snippets of life, there’s a real team aspect.”

Scott adds that AdEatersoffers a great chance for the local creative community to make connections and find new collaborations.

AdEaters is being MC’ed by Chris Mac from Kiwi band Six60, who’ll also provide entertainment dur-ing the two intermissions, when refreshments will be served.

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