Craig’s back on song


An Arrowtown real estate agent says his former life as a pop idol is now helping him flog property. 

Scott, who was New Zealand’s most successful pop singer in the early 70s, says most people he chats to on the street or at open homes ask after about five minutes, ‘Did you used to sing?’ 

Or those too young to remember him come back and say, ‘my dad knew you or ‘my mum said you were the hottest thing since sliced bread in the 70s’. 

Scott – now 61 – enjoyed a stellar career as a TV and recording artist with catchy singles like Smiley, Ciao 
Baby, Let’s Get A Little Sentimental and One More Mountain To Climb. 

Till Split Enz came along he had more top-10 singles than any other NZ recording artist. 

“It’s a great entree and it always has been,” Scott says. 

“People kind of feel they know you, they feel comfortable, because we kept good profile in NZ. 

“We didn’t get into any trouble, or much, and the kind of records and shows I did were family entertainment, people liked them.” 

Real estate might seem an odd career path but Scott – who sells in tandem with his wife Jo for Ray White’s Arrowtown office – makes it seem logical. 

When he stopped performing in the late 70s – “I couldn’t see myself doing that for the next 20 years” – Scott stayed in the industry. 

After doing promotions for visiting artists like Elton John and Rod Stewart, he started NZ’s first video rental business, then for 15 years ran Warner Bros Video NZ. 

Ten years ago he and Jo shifted from Auckland back to his home town Dunedin. 

“Jo and I did high-end renovations, when the market was really good. When that turned to custard we decided we’d come to Arrowtown – we’ve had a place there about eight years and used to come up a lot,” Scott says. 

“We’d bought and sold a number of houses in various parts of the country and we marketed our last house in Dunedin, and it was quite interesting.” 

The Scotts started at Ray White two years ago. 

“For us, last year was our best year and this year is even better, but for everybody else in the industry it’s probably been the quietest two years in the last 20.” 

Scott – ever the salesman – thinks more Arrowtowners should consider listing their properties. 

“They’re going to get as much money now as they’ll probably get in two years’ time.” 

Scott says he loves both Arrowtown and real estate. 

“Real estate’s something that if you work smart, you don’t have to work 24/7. 

“Jo loves houses and I love people and I love selling – I’ve been in the business of selling myself since I left high school,” he says. 

“We tried retiring, it didn’t work – it got boring and there was a hole in the wallet.” 

Scott’s not gigged in Arrowtown yet but doesn’t rule it out. 

“I very rarely do [gigs], because people think it just happens – that you don’t have to have rehearsals or a decent band, that you just have to stand on a bloody chair and go for it.”