Cracking down on bad eggs of Easter


Plenty of biffo in bars and a car surfer have kept police busy this Easter break. 

A man from Queenstown, 28, was arrested for assault and disorderly behaviour after a dust-up at Harry’s Pool and Sports Bar in Brecon Street on Tuesday two nights ago. 

“He had allegedly taken a swing at the duty manager after refusing to leave and hit his head on a pool table while being restrained,” constable Drader says. “An ambulance was called and he required stitches as the result of his injuries.” 

An Englishman, 27, and a 28-year-old Brazilian man living in Queenstown were charged with assault after a barney outside Altitude bar at 2.40am last Sunday. 

“Apparently, a woman from Auckland was trying to get a drink at the bar when the intoxicated Brazilian allegedly pulled her hair and pushed her,” Drader adds. “It carried on outside when the Englishman stepped in and started fighting with the other man. He’s alleged to have pushed him into some rubbish bins, giving him cuts and bruises.” 

More street antics 

A teenager from Cromwell was done for disorderly behaviour after “car surfing” in the CBD just after midnight last Sunday. 

“He grabbed the side of a passing car and was pulled along down Shotover St,” Drader observes. “The driver was beeping his horn trying to get him to let go and he was seen by Community Guides.” 

A 24-year-old man from Alexandra was collared for disorderly after going berserk near Nomads backpackers at 4am last Saturday. 

“He was seen annoying a woman before opening a police car door and yelling abuse at a sergeant,” Drader comments. “He then ran away but was tackled on Marine Parade.” 

Tourists targeted 

A group of people on a canyoning trip had cash and belongings swiped when a van was broken into while parked at the end of Twelve Mile Delta on Tuesday. 

“Three people had a long list of items like mobile phones, a Sony camera and a Timex watch taken as well as 800 Euros and $100 in American money. 

“It’s the third time a vehicle has been broken into in that area recently and we’d like to hear from anyone who has seen anything suspicious as a thief keeps going back there,” Drader says. 

Quail Rise ‘ferry’ sunk 

Two Queenstown teens were nabbed after stealing an outboard motor from a boat at Park Street and petrol from another vessel at Frankton at 3.50am last Monday. 

The lads, both aged 16, were spotted by a member of the public before being potted to the cops. 

“The youths claimed they were trying to boat back to Quail Rise, which doesn’t really make sense,” Drader says. 

“They’ll both be dealt with by Youth Aid.” 

Bail breaker 

A 20-year-old unemployed female talent scout from Australia living in the resort was arrested for breaching her bail conditions last Monday. 

The woman is already facing three charges of causing loss by deception. 

Drunk Irishman nicks bus 

A 25-year-old man from Ireland was done for drink-driving and unlawfully taking a motor vehicle after nicking a bus that had parked near a downtown boozer at 4pm last Saturday. 

“The man had apparently been drinking heavily for a couple of days and for some reason decided to leave a session at a local bar and move a Shotover Jet bus while the driver was away. 

“He thought it would be the highlight of the day – but it wasn’t,” Drader says.