Couple’s cafe comeback

Wild reboot: Lisa and Grant 'Spud' Murphy with Two Wild Sisters general manager Tyree Birch

The former long-time owners of Queenstown’s Chico’s Bar & Grill have come back for another serving in the local hospitality industry.

Lisa and Grant ‘Spud’ Murphy, who also owned Old Man Rock cafe below Chico’s, have bought The Tin Goose cafe at Frankton’s Terrace Junction.

The couple started trading this week under a new name, Two Wild Sisters.

As Lisa explains, her mum’s one of two sisters, she’s one of two sisters and she and her sister and their brother have all had two girls.

And, needless to say, they’re all wild.

Lisa and Grant heard The Tin Goose was on the market while in San Francisco on the last day of a two-month overseas holiday following the handover of their two outlets in The Mall.

Lisa says: ‘We got home on the Sunday, came to it on the Tuesday and signed up by Friday” – the sale was handled by local Tourism broker Adrian Chisholm.

The couple say the prospect of owning a daytime business appealed.

“It’s enjoyable without having to do the other eight hours into the early hours of the morning,” Grant says.

“We really like hospitality, there’s a good local vibe here, and this doesn’t have the hassles of Queenstown because it’s got beautiful parking and I think that’s a huge appeal.”

The Murphys had already bought Devil Burger’s catering caravan, to operate at local events.

So buying The Tin Goose also gives them a commercial kitchen to prepare food from.

Lisa says Two Wild Sisters will specialise in all-day breakfasts, including Old Man Rock’s former ‘heart attack’ big butties, and “creative” cabinet food.

Without the tourist walk-by traffic they had in The Mall, they’ll rely more on local clientele including the 120 people who work at Terrace Junction.

They’re also opening 6am on week-days to cater for early-starting tradies.

Grant: “When it started as The Tin Goose it was pretty popular.

“I think it’s just lost a bit of love over the last while, and we’ve arrived to put that back in again.”