Couple caught in act


Australia joins Canada – in someone else’s room


Cops put a dampener on a sneaky night of passion for two randy tourists – after they were caught romping in someone else’s room at a Queenstown hostel.

An 18-year-old Australian man was arrested for unlawfully being in an enclosed area and a Canadian woman, also 18, paid for some damages and was warned about her behaviour after the alleged incident at Nomads backpackers in Church Street at 4am last Sunday.

“The guy was a guest at the hostel and had ducked into another person’s bedroom for a bit of hanky-panky with a female,” local police sergeant Brian Cameron says.

“There was some damage done in the room and police were called when the man refused to leave the premises.

“I’m sure up to a point he had been enjoying himself but then it all went horribly wrong.”

Claws out

Two females in their mid-20s were charged with assaulting each other after a violent catfight outside Chico’s bar and restaurant in The Mall at 3.40am last Sunday.

“An argument started after a mix-up over an article of clothing,” Cameron observes.

“The women were really going at it and punched one another in the face. Alcohol was a factor.”

Brazen Brazilians

Two Brazilian men working in Queenstown were done for offensive behaviour after being nabbed urinating beside a police patrol car and taking pictures of themselves doing so.

The incident is alleged to have happened outside The World bar at 4am last Thursday.

“Let’s just say, these two gentlemen weren’t exactly a pair of rocket scientists,” Cameron says.

No vacation from law

Queenstown’s cops are fed up dealing with boozed visitors involved in minor shoplifting offences in the wee small hours.

A 17-year-old male from Invercargill was the latest to get done after nicking a bar of chocolate from the Night ‘N’ Day store at 2.45am last Saturday.

“For whatever reason, some people who come to the resort seem to think that the normal rules surrounding theft don’t apply when they are on holiday,” Cameron says.

“These annoying characters take up a lot of valuable police time and, of course, alcohol is usually a factor.”

Family’s lift-off

A family from Tauranga was freed by the fire brigade after getting stuck in the lift at the Church St carpark at lunchtime last Saturday.

“They were trapped for about 15 minutes because of an electrical fault,” Cameron says.

“I suppose it highlights the benefits of exercise as sometimes it pays to use the stairs instead.”