Council develops climate plan


Queenstown’s council has developed a wide-ranging action plan to tackle the impacts of climate change.

Detailed in the draft plan are activities for the council and other sectors to act on over the next three years, primarily to respond to the effects of climate change and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The draft plan will considered by councillors at their full council meeting on Thursday, and if approved, community engagement on the draft plan is expected to begin in July or August.

Council corporate services general manager Meaghan Miller said the draft plan reflected the council’s ”express desire for action with an approach that emphasised the need for cross-sector collaboration”.

”Adapting to the effects of climate change has become increasingly urgent and to make a real difference, we need collaborative action.

”According to the Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change, we have only 12 years until the effects of climate change are irreversible. We know those estimations are now likely to be revised to outline an even more concerning picture.”

The council commissioned its own report into the implications of climate change on the
Queenstown Lakes District by Bodeker Scientific.

”It’s compelling evidence that needs to be widely understood by the entire community but, in a nut shell, life will be wetter and warmer.”

Climate activist group Extinction Rebellion was expected to address the council on Thursday, following its call for the council to declare a climate emergency.

Ms Miller said it was ”great timing”.

”This group will find a council that has embraced the challenge presented by climate change and is well advanced in its planning to respond to this global crisis.”