Coronet’s temporary ‘scar’


Disgruntled residents are up in arms about a massive white marquee on the side of Queenstown’s Coronet Peak.

But, the owner of the event company in charge doesn’t see the problem.

Rob Stewart-McDonald from HQ New Zealand says “it’s a temporary structure, it’s not like it’s there for a couple of years or anything, it’s right next to the buildings that are already there”.

Council comms boss Naell Crosby-Roe confirms Amway Thailand, a ‘multi-level marketing’ scheme selling cosmetics and household products, will be hosting a gala in the marquee known as a ‘Alu Hall’ – which is why it looks like a building from a distance.

In November last year a building consent exemption was granted allowing the event to go ahead – the marquee will remain there until January 26.

The council’s received two complaints from residents and several.

Long-time local Geoff Bradley says he woke earlier this week to find an “ugly huge white scar” on Coronet.

“Perhaps God could also strike the ugly venue with lightning and burn it down,” he says.

But Stewart-McDonald reckons it’ll bring an “awful lot of prosperity into the town”.

“Corporate events don’t clog up our roads like all the tourists coming to town and they spend a lot more money per person than the average backpacker – it’s kind of good for all businesses in the region.”