Cop’s wallet lifted


Ingenious way to get noticed by police


A Queenstown coach driver has been caught on CCTV allegedly nicking a wallet belonging to an off-duty cop.

The officer was in a resort bar with two other off-duty colleagues when the incident happened.

The 31-year-old alleged offender was identified from video footage – and more trouble followed when police searched his house last Friday.

As well as being arrested for the theft, he also ended up getting done for possessing cannabis and having drug-related utensils.

“There were three off-duty officers in the pub when the wallet went missing from a table,” constable Sean Drader of Queenstown police says.

“What’s quite strange is the guy must have known at least one of the people there was a policeman.

“It’s not really the sort of person you want to be stealing things from,” he adds.

Thief slopes off

A visitor from Dunedin had about $2000 worth of gear pinched from his car while night skiing at Coronet Peak last Saturday.

His vehicle was parked on the road just 100 metres from the base building and was broken into between 4.30-7.30pm.

An HP laptop computer, a Panasonic video recorder, sunglasses, shoes and gloves were among items taken from the black, two-door Nissan Pulsar.

“What’s unusual about this is that it happened out in the open and where an offender could have easily been seen,” Drader observes.

An Australian tourist had a Canon Ixus digital camera pinched between 11-11.30pm last Friday from a
bench seat at The World bar.

Rattlesnake ruckus

A 26-year-old Queenstown woman was done for assault and a male friend also collared on two charges of
disorderly behaviour after a rumpus at the Rattlesnake bar last Saturday.

The woman had allegedly attacked another female, while her 20-year-old pal got into a barney with another man who’d tried to break up the 1.40am catfight.

“Both alleged offenders had been drinking and were somewhat less than charming,” Drader says.

“The man who tried to stop the woman from hitting the other female had his nose broken and also got a
cut to his forehead when her male friend decided to step in too.”

No toilet training
Three male street piddlers were nabbed after letting it all hang out in the CBD last weekend.

A 21-year-old Queenstowner was caught doing the business in an alley off Beach Street just before midnight last Friday.

The next night, another 22-year-old local man was done for using the wall of Surreal bar and restaurant in Rees St as an alfresco urinal.

And at 1.45am last Sunday, a 23-year-old student from Otago University was charged with offensive behaviour after piddling against a shop window next to The World, where he’d just been drinking.

Meathead tourist
A 28-year-old Australian on holiday in Queenstown for four months was caught swapping price tags on some meat at the Fresh Choice supermarket at 3.30pm lastWednesday.

“He put a sticker clearly labelled as lamb worth $6.73 onto a big packet of chicken costing $20.49, thinking the person at the checkout wouldn’t notice the difference,” Drader says.

“He qualifies for ‘idiot of the week’.”