Cops swoop on fugitive at shopping centre


Queenstown police are celebrating after capturing a desperate fugitive who’d given them the slip during a high speed road pursuit on Tuesday. 

A warrant to arrest had been issued for the 41-year-old man for breaching conditions of his release from prison. 

The alleged offender – described by police as “dangerous” – was finally collared outside an electrical store at Remarkables Park yesterday afternoon. 

It’s believed officers swooped after the man was spotted minutes earlier in The Warehouse by an off-duty officer. 

“This is a fantastic result for Queenstown police. This individual posed a real problem to the public,” senior constable Sean Drader says. 

The alleged offender is known to target backpackers accomodation and steal from backpacks and rooms and is suspected of being the driver of a stolen Subaru that was chased by police through Queenstown streets on Tuesday morning. 

The car was followed after officers spotted it on the Kawarau Falls Bridge about 7.30am and mounted a chase when the vehicle failed to stop after clipping a bus at the intersection of Shotover and Athol Streets. 

Officers laid road spikes but lost sight of the vehicle and abandoned the pursuit. The car was later found dumped in town.

Teen loses plot

A 19-year-old Frankton man has been arrested for assaulting a local female after he went berserk in a car in McBride Street at 2.45am last Sunday. 

“After a passenger complained about his driving, the teenager is alleged to have flipped,” Drader says. 

“When he stopped, it is believed he started punching the inside of the vehicle then he kicked in the rear window when he got out,” Drader says. 

“The offender is then alleged to have punched the woman victim on the nose and also tried to attack someone 
else who was at the scene.” 

One-way ticket home

Two overstaying Mexican men who had been living in the resort face being turfed out of New Zealand after being allegedly caught with drugs last Sunday morning. 

They were pulled over by cops in Frankton who became suspicious when they smelt cannabis. 

Police allegedly found dope in the vehicle that one of the duo, aged 18 and 19, was driving. 

“The men would have been facing a number of drugs charges but it looks like they will now be put on a plane out of the country instead because it was soon discovered that they’d already overstayed their welcome in NZ,” 
Drader says.

Sick of drunks

An 18-year-old Fernhill woman barfed up in a police car when she was picked up for being drunk in the early hours of last Saturday. 

“She appeared to have been abandoned by her friends outside the World Bar and was worse for wear with drink,” Drader comments. 

“She was taken to the police station for a wee rest and was later collected by a friend – but not before she’d been sick in the back of a patrol car.”

Diesel thief on prowl

Police are warning vineyard workers to be on guard after diesel was nicked from a wind propeller at Gibbston’s Mt Rosa winery last Friday. 

“Many people think these turbines are wind-driven but they actually operate on fuel,” Drader says.

“We’d like to hear from anyone who may have seen anything suspicious in the Gibbston area around that date and I’d also advise vineyard owners to keep access to the fuel for the propellers securely padlocked.”