Cops snare snipers


TWO 21-year-old Australian men face a charge of recklessly discharging a firearm after taking pot-shots at people with an air gun.

They allegedly fired at people in busy Shotover Street from their room at Base backpackers. Cops arrested the “sheepish” pair at 1.15am last Saturday after finding an air pistol hidden under a bed in their room.

“This was a very dangerous thing to do,” Queenstown constable Sean Drader says. “A male and a female reported they’d been hit and a cab driver also said he’d been shot at while waiting to pick someone up.”


Burglar’s bumper haul
Up to $40,000 worth of electrical goods were nicked in a house burglary in Goldfield Heights. The owner reported the break-in last Thursday, which happened sometime during the previous two days. Two laptops, a TV, a Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii computer consoles and games, a Sony home entertainment system and a Canon digital camera with lenses were among the loot.

“We haven’t had a residential burglary of this type for a while, where someone’s front door has been jemmied open and a lot of stuff taken,” Drader observes. “There has to have been a vehicle involved.”

Separately, an English tourist had a collection of 38 DVDs pinched from his room at the Base backpackers last Thursday

A gig to forget

A 37-year-old Frankton musician was charged with drink-driving and careless driving at 5am last Friday after crashing following a Jack’s Point gig.

“His vehicle was wedged under a big tree trunk,” Drader says. “He wasn’t injured but was later found at home where he could hardly stand up. “He blew 1038 micrograms, which is a very high reading.”

A few hours earlier, a disorientated 50-year-old carpenter, also from Frankton, was taken to Queenstown police station for detoxification after he was found knocking on the door of a stranger’s house.

“He had no shoes, no jacket and no wallet and needed a bit of a freshen up,” Drader says.

Headbanger collared

A 23-year-old English waitress was done for assault after headbutting a female bar manager at Buffalo club about midnight last Sunday.

“The manager was assisting door staff to separate parties involved in a confrontation and the offender allegedly headbutted her,” Drader says. “It’s very unusual for us to find a woman involved in this sort of violence – extremely low behaviour.”