Cops probe possible sighting of missing Swede


Queenstown police are still trying to track down a missing Swedish man, who may have been spotted over the weekend. 

Christoffer Tornberg, 23, was last seen on October 6, but cops are investigating an unconfirmed sighting of him. 

Constable Blair Duffy says they’ll be taking a statement from a witness today to confirm it was Tornberg they saw. 

“It certainly appears at this stage that he’s possibly in Queenstown but just doesn’t want to be found,” Duffy says.
Tornberg, who’s been working in the resort for about a year on a working holiday visa, was reported missing on October 18. His disappearance has been labelled “out of character” by friends and colleagues. 

Tornberg’s bank account and cellphone have not been used for three weeks. 

Police are asking anyone with information on the missing man to contact them.