Cops 2 Drunk 0


A 28-year-old Irishman was arrested for disorderly behaviour last Friday morning – then done for drink-driving just a few hours later. 

The sozzled carpenter was picked up by cops at 4.40am after banging on the roof of a cop car in Shotover Street. 

Five hours later, the same man blew a staggering 1062 micrograms when caught behind the wheel in Fernhill Road. 

“I’m afraid it’s that time of year again, when people get themselves into all sorts of trouble because of alcohol,” constable Sean Drader observes. 

In the opening five days of Winter Festival, 13 people were nabbed for drink-driving in police booze bus operations around town. 

Another defeat for England 

A 29-year old English national was arrested for assaulting another bar patron at Ministry of Sports during England’s 4-1 loss to Germany in the soccer World Cup. 

The man, who lives in Fernhill, allegedly punched a French chef on the chin during the televised match in the early hours of last Monday. 

“It isn’t known if the alleged offender was upset by the result of the game,” Drader says. 

Liquor ban flouted 

A 16-year-old schoolboy from Arrowtown was fined $200 for infringing the CBD alcohol curfew at 8pm last Friday – then two hours later was the victim of an alleged assault. 

“The local lad said he was on his seventh beer when first dealt with by police,” Drader says. “Apparently, he was then punched in the face when he and some friends later got into an argument with some males from Invercargill.” 

A number of other youngsters were done for breaching the liquor ban during Winter Festival’s opening weekend. 

“A few of them offered up some truly pathetic excuses,” Drader adds 

Trouble on menu 

A 42-year-old man from Dunedin was arrested for disorderly behaviour and theft after a drunken scene at the Novotel last Saturday evening. 

“The guy was dining at the hotel with his partner and was asked to leave after he allegedly became abusive towards her,” Drader says. “He took a glass from the premises with him and was apprehended by officers on 
Marine Parade.” 

Meanwhile, a diving instructor, 22, from France was charged with disorderly behaviour after losing the plot at Buffalo in the early hours of last Thursday. 

“He had allegedly been spitting in people’s faces and was physically removed from the bar,” Drader comments.
Police also want to locate a female who punched a man in the face at World Bar last Saturday night before scarpering. 

When the chips are down … 

A 26-year-old draftsman from Frankton was charged with breach of the peace after exhibiting some bizarre behaviour in town during the early hours of last Saturday morning. 

“He was seen throwing chips on the ground then chucked some at a police paddy wagon,” Drader says. “When spoken to, he told officers he can do what he likes because it’s his town.” 

Just before 1am the same morning, a 22-year-old Irishman was done for theft after trying to leave the Night ‘n’ Day store in Shotover St with a litre bottle of orange juice shoved down his trousers. 

Shop scrap 

Three men were charged with fighting in a public place after a scrap at the Night ‘n’ Day convenience store in Camp St at 2.40am last Sunday. 

Two 19-year-olds from Invercargill and a 22-year-old promotions manager from Queenstown were involved in the scrap. 

“Police got a call from the store saying they thought trouble was brewing,” Drader says. 

“When officers arrived a fight had kicked off and one of the men was also charged with breaching his bail 
conditions not to consume alcohol,” he says.