My Vaccine Pass


There’s an anomaly that’ll affect some staff working in vaccine-mandated restaurants and
bars from today under the new Covid traffic light system.

Staff in those premises have to have at least one jab by tomorrow, and then have had their
second jab by January 17 to continue their employment.

On the other hand, patrons entering these premises from tomorrow must present their
‘My Vaccine Pass’ to prove they’ve been double-jabbed.

Therefore a single-jabbed staff member can’t drink at their workplace or any other vaccine-
mandated premises till they’ve had their second jab and got their pass.

Queenstown-based Hospitality New Zealand regional manager Darelle Jenkins — who this
week confirmed this was the case with Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment —
says: ‘‘A [single-vaxxed] chef can cook hundreds of meals for hundreds of guests but can’t
go and dine out himself — there will be an awkward few weeks [for that person].

‘‘It’s a shame there isn’t a transition phase for people with one vaccination.’’