Contractor: You’re my Wonderwall’


A local construction company has won a national award for these site works for a huge Queenstown home. 

Civil Construction, formerly Horrell Contracting, won the New Zealand Contractors’ Federation 2012 construction award for a project under $500,000. 

The site works, completed early this year, were for a $10 million, 955sq m home under construction for Sydney grocery importer Roy Manassen. 

Civil Construction owner Paul Horrell says: “The technically challenging job was primarily focused around two major temporary retaining walls. To give you an idea of the scale of the project, one wall was 65 metres long and retaining five metres vertically.” 

NZCF executive officer Malcolm Abernethy says Horrell’s company overcame challenges including a steep site, restricted access and difficult ground conditions. 

It had used innovative approaches to significant retaining wall construction within a residential area, with issues including noise and dust control. 

Horrell bought the long-established contracting company from his father Kelvin late last year.