Conchords impress at sell-out Queenstown concert



It was Business Time in Queenstown last night – and 3000 fans of Flight of the Conchords definitely got return on investment.

Uber-talented comic-musical duo Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement brilliantly played and entertained at their first-ever Queenstown concert, scheduled as a main event at this year’s Winter Festival and part of the Conchord’s sell-out nationwide homecoming tour.

The Wellington lads kicked off their two hour, 15 minute performance with Too Many Dicks – wearing cardboard box headgear resembling stereo speakers that were conveniently turned around to look like a square robot’s head for their second number The Humans Are Dead.

“We saw the Lady Gaga concert and got some ideas,” Clement explained about their costumes.

Most of the Conchords’ as-seen-on TV classics were played – including Hiphopopotamus v Rhymenocerous, Hurt Feelings, Tears of a Rapper, Business Time, The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room and Sugarlumps. Clement and McKenzie, who engaged their crowd from the moment they set foot on the stage, even managed to get the audience participate in a four-part sing-along for Epileptic Dogs.

The duo brought out a couple of new tunes, including one which they described as “rough” before delivering an exceptional performance with only one obvious lyrical hiccup.

What was obvious throughout the show was Clement and McKenzie’s musical genius – their live acts performed with a range of instruments and superb vocals displayed their immense repertoire.

Songs were interspersed with sharp-as-a-tack comic adlibbing. Remarking on the Events Centre venue, McKenzie told the crowd that he loved the fact that there was a rock climbing wall at the location.

Clement quickly added: “I think there was a misunderstanding when they said there was a rock venue here.”

A highlight was the surprise addition of Nigel – a cello, percussion, synth, and recorder-playing musician who added to the overall sound of the songs. Another high point was the Conchord’s performance of Bowie and Demon Woman, which came complete with more impressive and hilarious costume changes.

They even played Albie The Racist Dragon on request of the audience.

But then again, the entire night was a hit. It’ll undoubtedly be one of the most-talked-about events of Winter Festival.