Community work for nails attack on bouncer


A Skyline worker who attacked a bouncer while being ejected from a Queenstown bar has been sentenced to 150 hours’ community work.

Moetahi Walker, 26, of Queenstown Lake View Holiday Park, admitted digging her nails into doorman and then punching him twice in the head on June 25.

Walker had been drinking in Winnies Bar on The Mall and took exception to being forcibly removed by the doorman, Queenstown District Court heard yesterday.

Judge Kevin Phillips, sentencing, said: “You reacted in an extremely violent way.

“You dug your nails into his side and the photos show how hard you must have done that.

“Then, when he turned away thinking it was over, you punched him in the back of the head. Appallingly violent.”

The doorman suffered bruising and welts.

Student convicted of hitting teenage girl

A Queenstown man who slapped a 13-year-old girl in the face has been convicted of assault.

Ethan Neville Wright, 18, of Watts Road, Fernhill, had been drinking at a family friends’ house on February 28 before the assault.

Wright had become aggressive when the topic of conversation turned to an ex-partner, Queenstown District Court heard yesterday. The student had attempted to start a fight with the victim’s brother only to be taken outside.

Sgt Ian Collin said: “The victim went outside and spoke to him in an attempt to calm him down.

“With his right hand he stuck the victim across the right side of her face. It was described as a slap that contacted on her cheek.”

The victim suffered a bruised cheek and ran inside crying. Wright, also convicted on intentional damage, was remanded on bail until July 29 for sentencing.

Police officer assaulted

A Queenstown chef who assaulted a police officer, a doorman and resisted arrest has been convicted at Queenstown District Court.

Jimmy Clapham, 19, of Avalon Crescent, Queenstown, had been swinging punches at an unidentified man on Searle Lane shortly before midnight on June 1, the court heard.

Sgt Ian Collin said two security guards became aware of the situation and Clapham swung a punch at one of them, connecting with the end of his nose.

When police arrived he resisted arrest, kicking out and then elbowing one of the officers in the forehead. Both victims suffered bruising but did not require hospital treatment.

Clapham was remanded on bail until July 29 for sentencing.

Assault after mistaken identity

A Queenstown man who hit his victim across the face with a bottle has been convicted of assault with a weapon.

Jacob James Forde, 17, of Panners Way, was remanded on bail for sentencing on July 29 when he pleaded guilty at Queenstown District Court yesterday.

Sgt Ian Collin told the court his victim had “given the finger” to a car Forde was travelling passed in, mistakenly believing it to be his cousin.

Forde left the vehicle and began an altercation with his victim before slapping him with his left hand, which also contained the glass Woodstock bottle.

“His hand and the bottle connected with the right side of his face. He suffered swelling and bruising and was kept in hospital for observation with blurry vision.”

Forde claims he was reacting to a punch thrown by his victim, the court heard.

False statement about theft

An apprentice hairdresser who lied to police was sentenced to 60 hours’ community work.

Chloe Alice Maureen Meegan, of Riverside Road, Frankton, was charged with making a false statement after reporting her jacket containing a cell phone and bank cards had been snatched.

The 22-year-old told police a man had grabbed her jacket and ran off on Cow Lane, Queenstown, on April 29.

Sgt Ian Collin says: “She was provided with a police crime number which she presented to Telecom New Zealand and by the terms of her insurance she received a replacement phone worth $1000.”

Collin says Queenstown senior constable Sean Drader had studied CCTV from Queenstown’s system and nearby businesses. He phoned Meegan on May 7 asking for the names and contact details of friends she had been with on the night to pass on to detectives. The next day she contacted police and admitted she had made a false statement.

Defence counsel Sonia Vidal told Queenstown District Court that Meegan had lied because she had actually lost her jacket and bag while he boyfriend was in a fight but did not want him to be prosecuted. Vidal said she was refused diversion because Queenstown has a problem with the volume of false statements to police.

Judge Kevin Phillips said: “A valuable resource that is police time was wasted with enquiries.

“It was only when you learnt that the detective was going to contact your friends that you coughed up the truth.

“You are a thoroughly dishonest person.” 

Adjourned case

A 53-year-old Wanaka man facing charges for possession of objectionable images of children has been remanded in custody.

The man was due to be sentenced at Queenstown District Court yesterday (Monday) on two unrelated driving matters, drink driving and driving while disqualified.

Judge Kevin Phillips said it would not be appropriate to sentence yesterday. The indictable charges, relating to images allegedly found on the man’s laptop computer, are still being investigated. He has not made a plea and has been granted interim name suppression.

Both cases were adjourned until July 15. 

Other convictions
Julia Anne Hitchcock, 41, shop assistant of Frankton Road, convicted of possession of 32 grams of cannabis worth about $300 and sentenced to 120 hours’ community work. Order for destruction of the drug.

Benjamin Levi Davies, 24, chef of Melbourne Street, convicted of theft and wilful damage at a Queenstown backpackers’ lodge on June 23. Sentenced to 70 hours’ community work.

Junko Tanemura, 52, sales consultant, of Alta Place, Frankton, drink-driving on Frankton Road on June 21, 688mcg, convicted and fined $657, court costs $132.89, disqualified six months.

Englishman Simon Dennis, 32, operator manager, of Wynyard Crescent, Fernhill, convicted of disorderly behaviour after jumping on a car’s bonnet on Shotover Street. Ordered to come up for sentence if called upon within six months. Made a $300 donation to The Salvation Army.

Columbian Mario Andres Alviar-Almeda, 31, laundry operator, Thompson Street, Queenstown, convicted of drink-driving, 581mcg, and driving while forbidden. Sentenced to 70 hours’ community work, disqualified from driving for eight months.

Romain Stanely Charles Michael Henneuse, 21, Belgian student, drink-driving on Shotover Street, Queenstown, June 8 at 1.30am, 882mcg, fined $875, court costs $132.89, disqualified from holding or obtaining at New Zealand driving licence for eight months.