Comfort food for the soul


Straight-talking TV chef Richard Till isn’t a winter thrillseeker – his three kids learnt to ski before he did.

The star of TV One’s Kiwi Kitchen has never fancied the idea of strapping two planks to his feet and launching himself down a hill.

“I’ve got plenty of ways of getting rid of money – I’m not looking for new ways,” the 49-year-old Cantabrian says.

“And I didn’t grow up in a family that [skied], that’s normally the catalyst for the whole thing.”

Till attended high school in Dunedin and holidayed in Queenstown as a child, but rugby was his sport of choice on icy Saturday mornings – he now plays soccer.

He first skied on school trips with daughter Elsie, now 23, and later with his sons Francis and Joseph, now 19 and 16 respectively, at Porters Pass and Mt Hutt skifields.

“I’ve had a go most of those times – they usually encourage people like me to [ski] so they can all laugh.”

But don’t expect to see him on Queenstown’s slopes this Winter Festival – the “flashy” resort’s adventure menu isn’t his cup of tea.

“There’re a lot of scary things you can do – performing to big crowds has its fears,” says the man who holds cooking demonstrations nationwide.

“You get the same thrill [as with physical activity] and people are paying you.”

Snow aside, Till fondly remembers chilly nights in Otago watching his mum cook 1970s casseroles.

It’s those simple, cheap dishes he likes to cook now and he’s provided some to warm your winter evenings over Winter Festival and beyond.


Print out these delicious recipes from Richard Till: