Cole launches crime thriller


A Queenstown man more commonly known for spearheading a local affordable housing project has a new sideline – fiction writing.

Queenstown Lakes Community Housing chair David Cole is now a published writer after launching his first book last night.

His novel, Eyes of Madness, is a psychological crime thriller set in 1975 in Sydney.

“It’s about an Allied war crime that occurs at the end of the Second World War, and the repercussions that play out a generation later on the other side of the world,” he says.

Cole says the essence of the story was inspired by his father-in-law who was a young Romanian teenager when the war began.

“There was a lot of organised crime that was prevalent during the mid-70s in Sydney that forms a bit of a backdrop to the story,” Cole says.

Cole sent an early manuscript of the novel to Tom Flood, owner of professional manuscript assessment company Flood Manuscripts in Australia.

“He was quite enthusiastic about it and he gave me some really positive suggestions of how it could be enhanced,” Cole says.

Flood generously described the novel as being stylistically similar to Stieg Larsson’s work, such as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, Cole adds.

“The feedback we’ve had has been positive and now we’ll just take it to the next level and see how the response is,” he says.

Cole has written for most of his life but none of his earlier work has been published.

About 80 invited guests attended Thomas Brown’s Gallery for the launch of the book – available online at Amazon for $32.95.

Cole says he hopes it’ll be available in bookstores soon.