Cocktails and a cuppa for Casely-Parker


A QUEENSTOWN barman is representing New Zealand at an international cocktail contest – with a tea twist. 

Nicholas Casely-Parker has gone to Sri Lanka this week, to compete in a world tea cocktail contest. 

Part of the competition will involve “creating a drink based on wild spices, tea, liqueurs”, Casely-Parker says. 

“I like working with spices so I think that’s going to be a big feature of our trip as well.” 

Casely-Parker is up against nine other ‘mixologists’ from the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Poland and the United States. 

Contestants get “40 exotic ingredients to put mixology skills to the test”, a competition brochure says. 

The only time Casely-Parker’s ever used tea in his bar work is in punches, he says. 

The 32-year-old Englishman left his home country 11 years ago and works as bar manager at Queenstown’s Bunker nightspot.