Coastguard Queenstown saves burning house


Coastguard Queenstown volunteers were first to the rescue when a Kelvin Heights house caught fire last night.

The local crew were out on regular training in the Frankton Arm when they noticed smoke coming from a property near Loop Road just before 8pm, skipper Tim Buckley says.

“We went to investigate and realised there was a scrub fire under the house – and we also realised that time was not to be wasted,” he explains.

Calling emergency services, four crew members then went ashore with Coastguard fire extinguishers and buckets and they joined a builder on site who was trying to contain the fire with a hose.

“Everyone acted quickly and managed to control the fire so that when the volunteer fire brigade arrive we were able to leave them to put out some remaining smouldering patches,” Buckley says.

“There was minimal damage to house but only because it was caught in time.”

Buckley suspects the fire was caused by a spark from some welding work.

Frankton volunteer fire brigade could not be contacted.