Clever kiwi chick named


Queenstowners have helped name Kiwi Birdlife Park’s newest addition.

The female kiwi chick had a tough start – hatching from a so-called ‘fresh’ egg and having to be artificially incubated from day one.

She was then flown to the North Island’s Massey University for corrective surgery on her wonky beak. 

After a competition she has been named Ngaio, meaning ‘clever’.

, Kiwi Birdlife Park manager Nicole Kunzmann said the chick had survived a “stressful” few weeks after her assisted hatching on October 7.

“It’s quite amazing that we now have a beautiful kiwi chick that will be fit for wild release and contribute to the national kiwi programme once she reaches 1kg in weight.”

Staff at the park assisted the hatching because she was malpositioned – similar to a breach birth in humans.

Once she was born, staff realised she had a misaligned beak, which would hinder feeding and inhibit her growth and potential survival.