Classmate of the month


Name: Jeremy Bell
Year 13
Age: 17

Claim to fame?
Head boy and Board of Trustees’ student representative 

Favourite subject?
Statistics and chemistry 

Main goal this year?
I’m focusing on getting as many merit and excellence credits possible for entrance to Otago University 

Plans after you leave school?
I want to become a chemical researcher with a focus on fuel efficiency 

Favourite aspects about Wakatipu High?
It has a very strong ability to create leaders 

Highlights while being BOT student rep?
I’ve brought a student’s perspective to the board’s decisions. Over this time, I’ve improved my confidence, I’ve been able to express the students’ thoughts, and help make the school a better place for all 

Do you plan to carry on in leadership roles in the future?
I hope to use my leadership skills as much as I can within the community in the future 

Where do you think Wakatipu High is heading?
Onwards and upwards. I believe we will continue to reach for academic excellence and continue to provide sufficient sporting and cultural opportunities for our students.