Classmate of the month: Max Gunn


Name: Max Gunn 

Year: 13 

Claim to fame: Head Boy of Wakatipu High School. Played music and sung around town. Second cousin of Brooke Howard-Smith (the excited guy off TV show Target) 

Favourite subject: Music 

Main goal this year: To leave Wakatipu High an even better school and to leave as a good person. Further my music 

Favourite aspects about Wakatipu High: Teacher-student relationships are like none that any other school has. There are huge opportunities to further any students’ talents. Good group of people 

Highlights while being Head Boy: Having a great student council. Seeing the inspiration on the students’ and teachers’ faces after screening our “gangster-off video” (rapping competition within the school) 

Do you plan to carry on in leadership roles in the future? I hope to further my leadership roles even if it’s as the leader of a band 

Where do you think Wakatipu High is heading? In the right direction. It almost saddens me that I’m leaving at the end of the year, as I want to see Wakatipu High continue to grow