ClassMate of the month … Caleb Simon Dawson-Swale


Name: Caleb Simon Dawson-Swale
Year: 13
Age: 17 

Claim to fame?
Board of trustees’ student representative 

Favourite subject?

Main goal this year?
To get students more interested in the world around them, not only at a local or national level, but an international level. Too often teenagers can get bogged down by what is happening directly around them and can forget to look at issues with a broader perspective 

Plans after you leave school?
To go to Victoria University and pursue a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Political Science and International Relations 

Best thing about Wakatipu High?
Our unique identity. We are one of only two decile 10 schools in the country that are not privately run, we are one of the more ethnically diverse schools in the South Island, and we continue to outperform other schools in the region academically (whilst holding onto some level of modesty, however small) 

What do you hope to achieve as Student Rep?
I hope to truly represent the opinions of students on the board, holding regular consultations with pupils, and maintaining our right as students to have a say in determining the future of our school, and, because we are intrinsically linked, our community 

Do you plan to carry on in leadership roles after school?
Maybe I do, and maybe I don’t. I’m mysterious like that 

Where is Wakatipu High heading?
Every single year, Wakatipu High continues to defy the laws of the universe, going from strength to strength, in leaps and bounds – with entirely new sports being introduced, better examination results, increased student-led initiatives, and better cultural displays such as the perpetually-growing annual musical. People say, “What goes up must come down”, but in the case of Wakatipu High, this is simply not true. We will continue to improve and expand. We have nowhere to go but up.

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