Classmate of the month


Name: Miki Nobuzawa
Year: 9
Age: 13 

Claim to fame:
I was nominated because of my tennis, and because I went to Australia to play a few tournaments, coming fourth in the singles and first in the doubles 

Favourite subjects:
Maths, graphic design, French and P.E 

Main goal this year:
To get more experience with tennis and to go overseas to play more tournaments 

Favourite aspects of school:
My favourite aspects of school are to hang out with my friends and to learn new things on the tennis court 

Do you have any plans after you leave school?
After I leave school I’m planning to try to get a scholarship at an American university or to go pro on the tour 

What are the highlights of playing tennis for you?
Going to Australia to play tournaments and training, I love improving and gaining experience to become good 

Do you plan on playing tennis in your future?
Definitely. I’m aiming to become a professional or to at least aim for a scholarship in the US 

Where do you think Wakatipu High is heading?
I’m not really sure where it’s taking me but so far it’s good for my study and tennis.

Interviewed by jayde mcilroy